Beginning November 1, 2000 Tower Valet negotiated a contract with the state of California for our own parking lot located on Harrison at 2nd Street in San Francisco. Tower Valet also holds leases for parking lots located at Howard and Main and Romolo at Broadway, also in San Francisco.

For the purpose of further accommodating our clients, Tower Valet sublets and manages eight area parking lots. These include' the West Coast lots at Davis and Broadway and Front St. and Broadway; the Central Parking System lot at Vallejo and Embarcadero; the John Yehall Chin Elementary School parking lot at Broadway and Montgomery; the Gap parking lot on Pacific and van Ness and the K.T. Parking lot on Fell at Octavia. Tower Valet also uses these and other lots for public, private, and other special event parking on a regular basis.

Some of our satisfied customers include:

M. Welat Yuksel
Proprietor, Café Italian Restaurant
San Francisco, CA

Mahmoud Khossoussi
Proprietor, Maykadeh Persian Cuisine
San Francisco, CA

Franco Montarello
Proprietor, Little Joe's Restaurant
San Francisco, CA

Ali Kia
Proprietor, Terra Brazilis
San Francisco, CA

Peter Kahl
Proprietor, Suppenkuche
San Francisco, CA

Robert Arenson
General Manager, Walgreens
San Mateo, CA

Kurt Ugur
Proprietor, Trellis Restaurant
Menlo Park, CA

Igor Goulaevsky
General Manager, New Pisa
San Francisco, CA

Kevin Kokoszka
General Manager, Harry Denton's "Rouge"

Michael Ortiz
Manager, Gap

Lorenzo Petroni
Proprietor, North Beach Restaurant

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